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Subscape Annex: who and what: Steve

Prog:Space Festival, Templeball Gallery 24 January 2004
photo by Ted Johnson
Steve Burnett

Steve Burnett started on alto clarinet and alto saxophone when young and played those instruments for ten years. He now plays Chapman Stick, theremin, and electric upright bass (a Zeta Crossover), performing in several improvisational, cinematic, and ambient groups of musicians in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina. His work has appeared on two compilations.
Steve is active in the local music scene, maintaining the NC Goth website and the NC prog maillist. He is also involved with the AIM (Alliance for Improvised Music) and 919noise groups, and hosts house concerts for improvised and related music at his home badgerhaus.

Provides: Chapman Stick, theremin (shown to left), loops.
(Steve's effects chain and gear)

Current projects:
Subscape Annex - ambient/industrial improvisational looping duo
Phasmatodea - cinematic improvisational Chapman Stick duo
Fukadugalon - improvisational tribal noise
Laocoon - solo looping, tangled in the cords and loops like serpents
Cab Caligari - instrumental acoustic cello and electric upright arachnobass, fiddling while the Weimar Republic burns

Occasional work with:
Audio Arcade - the sound of many

Under development:
Lamprey - organic bass horn parasitism and symbiosis

Previous work with:
Seventeen Cobwebs for Emily (17CFE)
Total Information Awareness - ambient trance

Steve's Performance History

Influences: Coil, Djam Karet, Brian Eno, Philip Glass, Bill Laswell, Tony Levin, Lightwave, Bill Nelson, Michael Nyman, Robert Rich, David Torn, John Zorn.