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Performances / First Friday Theremin Theater

Note: I no longer do First Friday Theremin Theater sessions because Raleigh lacks areas for busking of this kind. People were supportive, but I couldn't find locations to play in downtown.

On the first Friday of the month, art galleries in Raleigh stay open late and tend to launch new exhibits. On those occasions and rarely on others I take one of my theremins, a battery pack and effects, and play on the street in the loose area of Moore Square.

In general I am out from 7ish to about 10ish in the spring to fall (March to October). If it is raining or likely to rain that evening I can't bring the theremin out.

The remaining date in 2009 is 2 October (I regretfully have a schedule conflict for September, and November 6 may be colder than I like, but possible.)

Templeball Gallery (Carrboro NC), 13 February 2004
near Moore Square, Raleigh NC, 6 March 2009 (Photograph by Stephen Aubuchon)

Early portable rig May 2008

Most recent update 9 August 2009.