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Subscape Annex: 1 May 2003 at TempleBall

The Hallucinagenius Voodoo Show
Featuring the ambidextrous art of Nemo

Nemo is an internationally exhibited, ambidextrous artist from Eugene, Oregon. With complete concentration on the breath, maintaining an egoless state akin to Zen meditation, Nemo creates art that is colorful, complex, and deeply embedded with symbols. While in this space he moves the brush from place to place as the story unfolds and figures reveal themselves.

Temple Ball Gallery
307 E. Main St.
Carrboro, NC 27510

Nemo will be creating in our Carrboro gallery between April 26th and May 4th. We have arranged a wide pallet of tonal inspiration for Nemo to create within.

Although he will be in the gallery everyday during this time, he will be working in concert with the following musical acts on selected evenings.

Saturday, April 26th / Mike Babyak and friends (Hawaiian Steel Guitar duo)

Sunday, April.27th / Rebecca Zannini & Ken Vitt (Explorative female vocals & strings)

Thursday, May 1st / Subscape Annex (Electronic soundscapes)

Friday, May 2nd / Fernando Boza & Friends (Peruvian Folk music)

Doors for all performances open at 8 pm

Art & Music begin at 9 pm

admission is free to the public