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Subscape Annex: Prog:Space announcement

Summary: this Friday & Saturday, 3 bands per night, at De La Luz Performance Space / Templeball Gallery (next to Surplus Sid's, across from Cat's Cradle). Subscape Annex will be playing first on Saturday night.

Venue URL: http://www.templeball.com/

Schedule and lineup:

Doors at 8:30pm, shows start at 9pm.

Friday Jan 23 2004
Land of Chocolate
Smokin' Granny
Japan Air

Saturday Jan 24 2004:
Subscape Annex
Groove Stream Attractor
Sexual Harris

-----------longer announcement-----------------
Temple Ball Gallery
De La Luz Performance Space
307 E. Main St. - Carrboro, NC

The De La Luz Performance Space of Temple Ball Gallery (across the street from the ArtsCenter and Cat's Cradle) presents a series of showcase events highlighting the diversity of musical and visual artists in the Triangle region of North Carolina. The first of these events is described below, and information on future showcase presentations will be forthcoming. For additional information about this event and the Temple Ball Gallery/De La Luz Performance Space, please contact Rick Ramirez at the above address.

Friday, January 23rd & Saturday, January 24th, 2004

PROG:SPACE A two evening event featuring a diverse collection of Progressive Rock & Ambient Sounds

Progressive rock (also known as "prog rock") has been an enduring musical genre for more than three decades. Well known bands performing this music have included Yes; King Crimson; Emerson, Lake, and Palmer; and Genesis. Although this genre of music has generally been more popular in Europe and other areas of the world (including Japan and South America) than in the United States, the Triangle region of North Carolina is fortunate to have a number of internationally respected progressive rock groups. Chapel Hill is also home to the annual weekend-long ProgDay festival that occurs every Labor Day weekend at Storybook Farm-an event that draws progressive rock groups and fans from around the world. Several of the groups participating in the PROG:SPACE showcase have performed at this event as well as at other venues in the region.

PROG:SPACE will be a showcase of sight as well as sound, and Temple Ball Gallery is pleased to announce that..

Friday, January 23rd features the following ensembles:

Land of Chocolate

Smokin' Granny

Japan Air

Land of Chocolate is a talented four piece band that resides in Chapel Hill, NC
Gerald Wilson - Bass, Background Vox
Jonn Buzby - Keyboards, Lead Vox
Wes Hare - Drums, Background Vox
John Covach - Guitars, Background Vox

"...Land of Chocolate is one of the bands you suffer through all the crap to find." - Gods of Music

"...this deserves to find a wider world audience. It just has 'quality', a certain something that nags at you." - Acid Attack Magazine

(****NOTE: John Covach, a member of Land of Chocolate, is a music professor at UNC-Chapel Hill and has authored numerous books and articles on a wide variety of musical styles. He is a regular columnist in the leading music magazine of progressive rock, Progression. Professor Covach is available for interviews that focus on progressive rock in connection with the PROG:SPACE event, and he can be reached at jcovach@email.unc.edu.)

Smokin' Granny is sparked deeply with improvisation but within an exploratory rock context. Originally formed loosely around 1993 from the simmering ashes of previous bands Good Neighbors (Anubis Leisure Society Orchestra) and Freehand.

David Oskardmay: NST Acoustic Guitar and Effects
Brian K. Preston: Fretted and Fretless Bass guitars
Jeffrey Damon Lindsey: V Drums/ Drums & Percussion / Squid Plate
Todd Barbee: Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, WX7 midi wind controller

Japan Air formed in Winston-Salem out of the vast branches of the North Carolina music scene. The intention of Japan Air is creating art through an alchemical blend of many types of communication, they provide an open palette with which the listener may paint their own interpretations of the music. Combining strong musicianship with sparse melodies, driving rhythms and daring song structures, the band turns their views on society, politics, art and mass media into pure musical expression.

Scott Brandenburg: bass
Marty Rogers: guitar,keyboards,vocals
David Wainer: drums, keyboards

Sat., January 24th features the following performers:

Subscape Annex

Groove Stream Attractor

Sexual Harris

Subscape Annex is an instrumental improvisational soundscape trio from Raleigh , NC.
The members are Rob Lewis (synth, sequencing)
Anthony Staton (synth, effects), and
Steve Burnett (Chapman Stick, theremin, loops).

Groove Stream Attractor is an electronic music band located in the Chapel Hill - Durham area of North Carolina. The music is a mix of improvised space grooves and spontaneous ambient sounds.

The Band is:
Todd Barbee: Yamaha WX-7 midi wind controller, saxophone
Ted Johnson: synthesizers
Jeff Lindsey: electronic drums and percussion
Brian Preston: fretted and fretless electric bass

Sexual Harris is a Raleigh Based quartet. Their compositions are instrumental with a melodic hard edge.

Nick Campbell: Drums
Bo Boyd: Guitar
Dave Pitts: Bass
Jon Boisvert: Guitar

Doors for all performances open at 8:30 PM

We will also be exhibiting the other worldly art work of Durham artist Alan Botifoll. Alan's art covers a wide palette of styles, techniques and mediums. Everything from oil paintings to electronic installations will be equally represented in this extraterrestrial display. The exhibit will run from Jan. 23rd - March 7th.