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Sound: The Sound of SparkCon


Take a picture and open it in an appropriate sound tool, or edit the picture file using a text editor to transplant a sound file's header information onto a picture, and you can play a picture. Examples made from the above picture taken Saturday 22 September during SparkCon 2007 at Vintage 21.

Further developments in this area, including a possible tutorial, will follow. Write to discuss.


  • 14 November 2007 (Wednesday) - Carrboro - A collaborative evening with Paul Friedrich, a reception opening Paul's art exhibit at Wootini and a talk. I am using his artwork as source for an Audible Vision performance of pictures converted to sound. Exhibition in association with Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University - Wootini - 7pm to 10pmish.

    Snapshot of desktop in progress:


    Interesting article on digitally induced synesthesia