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Sounds: Selected Works

Recommended Subscape Annex listening selected from the full archive on sounds.

Audible Vision

Experiments in processing pictures as audio files. What does a JPG sound like?

The Bass Tells Only Half The Story

A bow used with an upright bass does not produce sound on its side of the string and bow interface - unless you use a contact mic on the bow. All of these double-sided bow pieces grouped together on Bowlisten.The pieces are Bowlisten, Bowlistening Again, Cathedral, Tuva, Tuvatu, Oilbow, Muting Straylight, Carlsbad Cavern Gallows, Do You Believe In Time Travel?, Mirror Goblins, and Moors of Immanence,
  • Irem By Day, Irem at Dusk, one_15may2009, and two_15may2009.)


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